HELP! Large speakers fell over during shipping.

Bought a pair of Dali Euphonia MS5 speakers. They must have fallen over during shipping. They were upside down on the pallet when they got to my house. 155Lbs for each box.
My question is, what could have happened internally? Could drivers be harmed? Crossovers? I refused delivery, but now the seller wants them re-delivered so the insurance agent can look them over. I never took them out of the (destroyed) boxes, but now I’ll have a chance to, and check them out. What should I look for (even if they still sound good)?
And to think, people get on my case when I complain about the utter lack of reading comprehension around here.

Two possible explanations.  The two post are 1 minute apart, therefore, he could be responding at the same time, OR, like many forum participants, he merely skips and doesn’t read your posts.  

Based on the time signature, likely midostyn was typing the response concurrent to millercarbon's post. A truly rude reply by millercarbon. 
I suggest he pull back and scrutinize his behavior on this forum, as it has been consistently snarky.   :(

Thanks for everyone's help. I'm contacting Dali today to price out driver and crossover replacements so I have some ammo when the insurance adjuster comes (who will probably know nothing about speakers)
I would return them- a lot of extra work and worry that you did not agree to when you purchased the speakers.
Sad to here, and common. My thinking a person uses an insured reputable company pays everything offered for perfect shipment and don’t except anything but just that. Unfortunately all the BS about other companies and their shipping Practises do nothing for you at this point.
Who cares what..I bought and how well they got here...does zero for you. Moral of the story get what you paid for period.