Help looking for dynamic warm romantic sound with detail

Can some one help me in the right direction. Im going to spend like 20" for speaker and amp.

Im looking for a detailed, dynamic, warm, romantic sound. I like the midrange sound of piano, strings and female voices.
Im listen to all music like rock, power balads, country and some modern music. i dont listen to jazz and classic.
Im using tidal and spotify from pc usb.

Started with Hegel H360 to B&W cm10 missed dynamics and warmth.
Upgraded to Mcintosh MC501 and D150 to B&W cm10 ok combo but was missing detail from hegel.
Upgraded to Mcintosh MC501 and c2600 to B&W cm10 missing the speed in the bass from D150 (best combo so far)
Changed to the new Hegel H590 to B&W cm10 did loose all the romantic sound and dynamics and it sounds like the female singer stands in the background =(

I also have a SVS SB16 for the times i listen to modern music.

How would a SS pre and tube amp sound? Do i get the romantic, warm and dynamic sound and the speed to the sub?

What integrated or pre&amp do you recomend? ant to what speaker?

I agree 100% with what you're plan (tube amp, SS pre) to get a warm sound.  I say to keep it simple, get the tube amp before you do anything.  It should make a huge difference!  Then start changing other items.  But remember that you're sound is only as good as the weakest link, and you're weakest link could as easily be your source component as it could be your speakers.

The only tube amp that you can count on to deliver is any Audio Research amp in the last 15-20 years.  If you use one of those and the sound doesn't come into focus, then it's your speakers or your source.  (I'm not saying that other tube amps are not as good as ARC, I'm just saying that ARC is a veritable sure thing).

I haven't found cables to make that big of difference with a good tube amp, though, of course, quality cables should certainly be used.  But, I do not agree with using cables to EQ your system.
I know exactly the sound you are looking for, because that is what I’ve been looking for myself. I think I’m 90% of the way there.

Speakers: Tekton Design Double Impacts
Amp: Pass Labs XA30.8
Pre: BAT 51SE
DAC: PS Audio DSD w/Bridge II
Power: PS Audio P12

The only component I won’t give my full recommendation to purchase is the BAT, which is primarily due to its age. That and the fact that the sound supposedly changed in more recent models; I have no experience with newer models. That said, the BAT definitely adds weight to the music, which I like. I’ve taken that preamp out of the chain several times to decide if I could live without it; it always goes back in.

Overall, the system is very detailed, warm, and most importantly, has that certain “magic” to the sound that’s difficult to describe. Best of all, each one of those components seem to provide extraordinary value at their price points.

I agree with willrich47 and in addition I will give my own opinion.

I have been looking for what you have been searching for months now and I have auditioned some amps, mostly intergrated but basically they have a similar signature sound to the separates.  I have auditioned the Hegel, Gryphon, T&A, Luxman, Pass Labs and actually owned a Krell. In my opinion the closest amp I found to a tube sound and the sound you are looking for was the Pass Labs INT 60 and you can also go with the XA30.8 as separates, but I still believe you should audition it yourself. 

Reference speakers, for starters I would not recommend any that have metal tweeters.  Although B&W are good speakers in my opinion they are too accurate and a bit sterile for my taste.  I actually fell heads over heals with the Verity’s, they have everything you are looking for.  I can’t wait to bring them home but have to wait till August.  Another good speaker that will pair well with the Pass is the Harbeth, I heard it with the 40.2 and the pairing was phenomenal.

I listen to music that has a lot of brass and vocals, and the Pass Labs is not fatiguing in any way.  I think lends itself to all types of music, as I mentioned in my thread, it’s the chameleon of amps.

Anyway, I hope this helps and enjoy the hunt.
If you go for Hifiman Sundara headphone, it will be easier to get romantic, dynamic, warm and detailed sound.

It is magical.

But it is really hard to get such sound from amp and speaker combination.
I’d very much recommend Fritz bespoke speakers, with the ring radiator tweets.
Unlike store brands, Fritz will customize a crossover for you, so if you want it more or less colorful or need it brighter, he can make the changes in the crossover for you.

Also, his choice in the mid-woofer is exactly the sound you are going for. I use the same one's.