Help…looking to buy turntable

Looking for a turntable ready to play. Suggestions? I don’t mind buying used. Budget is $1200


agree with others about buying new over used. I've been hearing alot of good things about the Technics 1210 GR and they hold their value on resell market.


I purchased from Underwood their LSA 2 that is made by Edwards Audio. Its [essentially] the guts of a Rega with an improved tone arm and acrylic platter.

I’m assuming your $1200 budget includes cartridge.  I would consider it wise to get the best possible TT, and then get the best possible cartridge without going overboard.  In other words, don’t put a souped-up engine in a Ford Pinto.  
The suggestions for the Music Hall Classic Seem very sound (no pun intended) to me.  It’s also a very visually appealing TT, if that matters to you.

You could install (and would have to learn how to optimally calibrate/align) say, an Ortofon Bronze cartridge on that bad boy, and, with tax, be around $1100.  You could opt for the Ortofon Blue and be around $900.

I’m only suggesting Ortofon cartridges because they seem like good bang-for-the-buck cartridges. On an old TT, I had a low-end 2m Red which, back then, retailed for about $100.  Surprisingly good cartridge.

Other posters here, I wouldn’t doubt, may have better suggestions for cartridges in, say, the $200-$500 price range.


Rega +1

Tonearm pre-installed and suggested carts make them easy. Oh yeah, great sound too. 

VPI Cliffwood or Player - entry level VPI tables, both with cartridge pre-installed. The Player lists at $2000 (over your budget, but does also have a built in phono preamp and headphone jack).  The Cliffwood is $1500, but you'll most likely need a phono preamp...Musical Fidelity V90-lps at around $300 is a really good entry level phono stage that supports both MM & MC.