Help…looking to buy turntable

Looking for a turntable ready to play. Suggestions? I don’t mind buying used. Budget is $1200


VPI Cliffwood or Player - entry level VPI tables, both with cartridge pre-installed. The Player lists at $2000 (over your budget, but does also have a built in phono preamp and headphone jack).  The Cliffwood is $1500, but you'll most likely need a phono preamp...Musical Fidelity V90-lps at around $300 is a really good entry level phono stage that supports both MM & MC.

I'd look at a Technics sl1200C ($1200 with a decent Ortofon 2M Red cart).  It has a built-in phono pre, but for an additional $129 you could get a Schitt Mani and that should keep you going for a while.
The tonearm has a SME style head shell connector that makes cart changes easy and fun.  The 2M red is a good starting place (I have a Hana SL on my 1200 GR, a remarkable cart for the price, but I also have a Mofi MasterTracker that sounds different but just as good, and several Grado and Shure carts that are fun to rotate in).  There are many carts between $200 – $800 that would work well with this table!

I have a music hall MMF-7 with Goldring Eroica H MC cartridge installed. Spent most of its life in its original box. Enjoying it now but thinking about a VPI Prime. Would sell for much less than your budget. Pretty sure this isn’t the forum so will save details in the event you want them. 

Regardless, many good suggestions above. 

I'm going to go back even further and suggest a Dual 701 semi-automatic turntable (it lifts at the end of play).  Duals are very tricky to service and their are not many folks who can do so with expertise these days, so that is a fallback.  But if the unit works well, it cannot be beat.  Best direct drive unit of its day (075); best arm of its day dampened resonance and spring driven in balance, accurate anti-skate.  Heavy duty dynamically balanced platters.  Second best is a 704, which has a slightly lower-spec Pabst motor but an advustable VTA added.  You can pick up a 701 for $400-500 and a 704 for $280-380, which leaves plenty of room for a cartridge.  You can easily mate it with a quality MM cartridge and come in under your dollar threshold.

From your initial post it sounds like you just want to spin some records on a turntable and not get ripped off.  Then all suggestions are good buy new from dealer.

If you want quality sound Analog is a pain and you usually get what you pay for. I recommend you split your budget 30% between Cartridge, Phono Preamp, and Turntable.   Remaining 10% for accessories like record cleaner, digital   VTF gage and stylus cleaner. 

Buy everything used and learn Analog setup.  You can get good sound at that price point.  You need to get involved and learn what Analog is about.

Some say no free rides in Analog and cost is 3 time as much as digital and is not worth the hassle unless done right.

I went with the Music Hall MM7 for $650 and built my system from there. I'm at $1600 with all above a motor  speed controller.  Most stuff bought used.