Help!! Low level hum from FM cable sgnl

I'm using my cable as an the signal input to my FM tuner(MD FT-11), but there is a terrible hum now in the system. It makes no difference if I select the tuner or not(on the preamp) or if the tuner is on or not. I'm curious if a Monster Cable power conditioner (1200 I think-the one with the cable input) would filter this out or if there is another solution. Thanks
Thanks for the help. So, I should get the Sonance RFG1 or comparable device? How much does the Sonance cost and where can I get one? Honestly I'd like to spend as little a possible. If anyone has other brand and model recommendations that would be great. Carter
Check out the sonance website for details. If you search altavista for RFGI1 it will only find sonance. Otherwise call your local AV dealers. You may not need the sonance quality for a tuner... My HDTV is extremely picky of cables, and anything in the signal path, hence why I ended up with sonance.
Hey, I just ran a wire with an aligator clip from the outside (screw) connector of the Cable to the ground on my amp and the hum was gone.
Jbherrin is right on with reference to the difference of potential. It's something that should be checked.