help, magnepan tonearm ,does anybody know.

is there anybody who knows that arm and what does it compare to.what would be the best cartridge to put on.thanks in advance.pat
Viridian is correct in its day I would say it was an above average performer.Had a very straight profile,and could help catridges track better.Also seemed to handle less then perfectly flat records quiet well,But did need high compliant mm's for best performance.
thanks to all for their answer,and what would be a better arm than this one to go on an oracle delphi mk2 .im looking to spend around 300.00 us.and what would be a better table than the oracle delphi mk2 considering paying 800.00 us. thanks again.pat
Don't use a Magnapan arm, or any other unipivoit on an Oracle TT. The suspension of the Oracle and the one point suspension of a unipivoit will be traveling in two differnt directions.