Help me choose a speaker match for my Line Magnetic 805ia tube amp under $10K

Since all of you were such a huge help in getting me to arrive at my decision to get the Line Magnetic 805ia tube integrated, I thought I would start another thread to discuss speakers to consider. I do love my Ascend Acoustics but after hearing the improvement that the Line Magnetic gave my system, I am wondering now if there is a reasonably priced but a better speaker that is a better match for my system. The only criteria is that the price be equal to or less than $10k. I am looking for a speaker that is not harsh in the higher frequencies but still has enough sparkle and snap that doesn't give up anything in terms of detail. The ability to deliver some low end, dynamic punch is something that I would be looking for as well as this is the one area the Ascend's lack in currently. 

My current setup is...

Speakers: Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL Tweeters and Ascend Acoustics Center Speaker with RAAL Tweeter
Amp: Line Magnetic 805ia at 48W x 2
DAC: PS Audio Directstream Junior
Primary Music: Jazz and Female Vocals 

Speakers that I have considered so far include (power requirements notwithstanding):
  • Magico A3
  • Dynaudio Contour 60
  • Focal Sopra 2
  • Sonus Faber Olympica 3
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Brought my LM 805ia to test on the Magico A3's today and wow. It sounded (to my ears) so much better than with the Hegel gear that the Magico's were being demo'd with. No issues with driving the A3's on the 805ia at all. Even the shop owner acknowledged that he was a bit taken back because he did not expect the pairing to sound so good. He remarked at how he didn't think the A3's sounded as good with any other amp pairing he had in store and proceeded to ask where I got my Line Magnetic from. More dynamic and warmth - both were very present characteristics that I heard today. Also heard some surprisingly deep, low end bass that I don't know that I expected with this pairing - considering the specs on paper recommended 50W minimum to drive these speakers. I would be very happy with this combo. 

Tomorrow, I test the Daedalus speakers. Hoping to audition both the Argos V2 and the Athena V2. 
+2 for Spatial Audio, M3 Triode Master
A huge beautiful sound stage, very open detailed, yet musical and a miser on power. Also are very room friendly.
The only thing missing from some of the best speakers already mentioned - a fancy box and high price tag.
A good buy used
Or new with 60 day home trial for about $4K
Just a thought....Jim

@freesole Did you level match the output when trying the tube amp ?. 

I would not use any tube that puts out less than 100watts for your speakers. I have the same amp, would only consider it to power the top section of the speaker. 

Not sure where you are located to go audition.  Your amps are rated around 50W, but have fairly high current based on what I remember of them.  It's kind of like having a 90W SS amp.  What size room did you say?  How do you listen and to what types of music?  If your room isn't huge and you listen around 86db or so (fairly loud), then you should be able to run most speakers.  

Under 10k, I'd have my short list to include:
Vandersteen (Treo's as there are rarely Quatro CT's available used as most of us keep them for long periods of time)
Harbeths' (so much fun to listen to for long sessions)

Again, speakers are the most personal of choices in all of the audio chain.  I personally like to purchase via a long time established company as there is usually a better chance they will be around when something goes wrong down the line.  If you ever need a driver, they are not always available 10 or more years down the line from some of the smaller companies.  That's been a problem in the past with some of the very small companies.  if you don't care about long term situations, then there are some good designers out there.  YMMV
Thanks all - I ended up auditioning a few speakers and resulted up with the Spendor D9's at home. Pairs beautifully with the Line Magnetic. It's still a brand new speaker so it will likely open up a bit more over the next few months but it sounds fantastic out of the box. 

The A3 was very impressive, I had no concerns about the Line Magnetic not being powerful enough to drive those speakers. I might have if I only read specs on paper but no such concerns after the audition.