Help Me Choose Better 5-Channel Amp

Our home theater has evolved from a home theater only into a hybrid HT/2-channel system. Both the HT and the 2-channel perform very well and overall I am very pleased with the outcome. But I would like to improve what I perceive to be the weak link when it comes to 2-channel listening. Right now I am using an Anthem Statement A5, a good match for the Anthem AVM50 and great for HT sound. But when I listen to 2-channel, I believe the sound could be improved with a better amp. I would prefer to upgrade the amp rather than buy a separate 2-channel amp and switch back and forth. When listening to 2-channel in this system, the other components are the Well Tempered Amadeus TT with a Dynavector XX2 LOMC cartridge, Levinson 390S CDP, Audio Research PH7 phono stage, Audio Research Ref 3 preamp, and Verity Fidelio Encore speakers. ICs are Aud23 and the speaker cable is Chord's Epic Twin.

Any suggestions for a better 5-channel amp that will improve the 2-channel listening experience?
Pass Labs or BAT?

What about about a 3 channel and a 2 channel and spending more on the 2 channel.
If you like your Accuphase P-3000, why not use that with a 3 channel amp or even with 3 of the 5 channels of the Anthem amp you now have? All you need do is distribute the main LR outputs from your processor to the Accuphase and the surrounds and center outputs to the Anthem. I'd check with Anthem to assure their amps are stable even without a load, but if necessary they can advise how to load the 2 unused channels. Of course, you could sell the Anthem and buy a 3 channel amp, or you could add rear speakers to use all 5 channels.

I really appreciate all of the feedback so far.

WRT the idea of separate 3-channel and 2-channel amps, I would prefer a one-box solution. But if I were to go with separate 3- and 2-channel amps, wouldn't it be more important to spend more on the 3-channel amp than the 2-channel amp? My thinking is that by doing so, I have not only the best possible 2-channel sound, but also uniform amplification for all three fronts of the HT speaker array. Or am I missing something?

I brought the Accuphase down from another system because it happens to be - for me - one of those elusive SS amps that has some tube-like qualities. But I need the Accuphase to remain in that other system, and again, I would sure like to find a one-box solution.

Classe is yet another amplifier brand that I had not thought of. Hey, up to a point, the more good options the better, right?

I obviously have some research and auditioning to do. Should be fun!
Keep your Anthem amp us it for center and rears then buy a better 2 channel amp. That is how I use my system I have a McIntosh MC205 and a MC402 and use an anthem D2v along with a Audio Research LS26 for 2 channel. As a side bonus you have back up incase the 2 channel amp ever has an issue.