help me choose floorstanders to pair w my Luxman L-590AX2

looking for suggestions current front runner in my mind is the magico A3 but also thinking about:

Credo ev1202, SF olympic nova 3, Focal sopra 2, wilson sabrina x

medium sized room, dont have exact dimensions. Other components are in flux but primarily listen to vinyl and qobuz/roon.



What kind of sound do you want? I recommend choosing speakers first, then optimize electronics to support your speakers.

I realized after 35 or 40 years that I really wanted a system that made all music genera sound good and that acoustic music sounded like acoustic music. I found Sonus Faber speakers and Audio Research for electronics… then the higher level in each the better, more musical and detailed each upgrade put me. Very happy now. Sonus Faber speakers: 1) Cremona, 2) Olympica, and finally 3) Amati Traditional.

thanks for the reply. its funny, my good friend loves his sonus faber but the brand seems to get short shrift from audiophiles. I plan on auditioning the olpmpica nova 3. 

For better or worse im going to stick w the Amp i have for the time being and build around that.