Help me choosing Phono Preamp


I need suggestion in choosing a quality phono stage (SS or tube, new/used) under $3000 to mate with Denon DL-103 cartridge. The cartridge has very low output voltage around 0.18mV. Few pre I considered are Manley Chinook, EAR 834P, Liberty B2B-1, and MF MX-VYNL. All of them seem to require a step up transformer to work with DL-103. I don't like the idea of outboard transformer, and also I want to keep number of boxes as minimum as possible. Is there any outstanding pre out there (full function or stand alone phono stage) with input sensitivity close to 0.15 V to work with DL-103 ? Other qualities of the preamp I am looking for are: utterly transparent, extreme resolution, but not lean/thin/weak in sound, MC and MM both options will be a plus . Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



rwhowe11 - Don't know about others, but I never use reviews to decide what units to consider, only units that get crossed off the list. Too much bias and personal preference involved. Too many other factors that may influence a review. Read into that whatever you think is applicable.

I only trust my own ears and how a given piece of equipment performs in my system. That’s all that counts for me, all that matters.
I agree with Derrick, allnic 1500 mkii Plus is magician. 2mm, 2mc cartridge, you choice.
But if you don't like step up transformers , don't go for him. First stage are suts, and then, amazing tubes stage. 
Run with him, Koetsu Rosewood, Audioquest 7000, Denon 103 dl II and recently added one Ortofon Cadenza Black.
Never noise, hum. The best of two worlds, musical and analytics.

Good find.
Unless you are absolutely committed to a tube unit, I urge you to audition the Parasound JC3+ (retail = $3000). It's an excellent phono pre designed by John Curl, and it works very well with both MM and MC/MI cartridges. 
I have a Denon DL-103R cartridge that I have run with an ARC PH3 phono amp.  I have tried it with and without a Cinemag SUT and I actually prefer the sound without the SUT even though the PH3 only has 54 db of gain.  I found the sound to be edgy with the SUT and there was an annoying ground hum that was difficult to eliminate.

The ARC PH3 is a tube/SS hybrid that is quiet and has a neutral sound.  Soundstaging is also very good.  The turntable is a large plinth Lenco L75 and phono cables are Audience Au24Se low z.  The newer ARC phono stages are said to be even better.  If I were to replace my PH3 I would look for a used ARC PH5.
I would highly suggest you check into the two offerings from Kevin Carter at K and K Audio.  These arfe under $3K  while his designs have included a world class 20K piece.  His work is all about the music.  I personally have one of his Phono stages and it is outstanding.  No problem with the DL 103.  He will amaze you with the service and direction to get exactly what you need.