Help me decide – Revel or Focal

I have been narrowing down my list for new speakers after selling my Avalon and believe I have arrived at my final two. After months of going to all the local dealers, I believe I am close. The entire process, though frustrating since in store comparisons are difficult, has brought out my passion again for the hobby.
My question is, has anyone heard the Focal 1038 BE and the Revel Studio 2 or Salon 2 in the same room using the same electronics? I have heard both speakers separately but no one seems to have both to do a real comparison. I read the reviews and that really does not help. The Focal seems to be a very good all-around speaker but not perfect. They seem to have a minor integration issue between the tweeter and midrange that shows up in the female voice with a small lack of clarity and being a bit recessive. I am still hoping to hear the new Sopras but I do not think I want to spend the extra cash especially since the 1038s are available in a low luster finish and reduced MSRP. The Revels, even though they came out in 2007, still seem to be a very good speaker and can be purchased used ~50% of MSRP. I am reading that their replacement may be revealed at the CES in January. At first I had eliminated them thinking they were too lean and analytical sounding. The music was just not coming out. After hearing them again, I am wondering if that may just be that they are accurate but I have read this complaint all over the internet so it does make me wonder.
I have a 16 x 20 room with 10-foot ceilings and have Anthem Statement electronics. Help me decide (but please try to keep it to the Revel and Focal since I have eliminated almost everything else in this price range available in New England).
My experience with Focal is a tendency to be bright. You would need to be very selective in what you pair with them.
Never heard the Revel but I have the 1038's and do not feel they are bright at all. My room is very similar to yours, I use a Luxman L-590ax or my AI L3 and a Kismet Odyessy to power them. Both amps sound great with the Focal. BTW I think the low luster finish looks great :)
A had exactly the same experience on narrowing my choice to Focals and Revels. Eventually I bought Focal Electras 1028 BE. Still I liked Revel Studio 2 more. The thing is that Revel needs much more power. My LFD integrated amp was 60 wpch. It just couldn't drive them well. No bass at all. I listened REvels with Mcintosh power amp which had 150 wpch and they were fabulous. I didn't plan at the moment to change my amp. So if you have powerful amp go for Revel. Second. My room is too small for Revels. They need space. And third - the price. I bought my less lustered Focals for 50% of the price of Revels. Focals are really good and I enjoy them very much.
Cdjl23 is right - Focals are slightly on the bright side so you will have to be very selective in choosing your amp etc. My suggestion - if money and room size is not an object and you have powerful amp - go for Revels. If not - Focals Electras are very good speakers too! Good luck!

can you get an in-home demo of at least (1) of these speakers? This will be important to determine how it will "act" and integrate into your room. Your Anthem gear will accommodate both brands of loudspeakers here.

Most important of all, which brand(s) of Cabling are you going to tie everything together?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!