Help me design for both music and TV around Legacy Audio's Wavelet + Aeris

I just purchased Legacy Audio's Aeris speaker along with Wavelet processor. I am going to get help from the dealer to set things up but wanted to get some advice here so I am informed.

Reality is that the speakers are in the living room and will be mostly used for TV. I want to however get a good Class A amp for music (have a tube amp for now). I do not want to burn the tube amp out watching TV all the time, also not into wasting of power. These speakers have in-built class D amps which I could use for regular TV watching and in a stereo music setting bi-amp them with class D amps powering the sub-woofers and a Class A amp powering rest of the speakers. 

This it the two signal paths I am considering.

(Vinyl -> Phono stage or Streaming) -> Wavelet(DAC + room correction + cross over) -> Tube Amp + inbuilt class D -> Aeris

Apple TV / Bluray -> Processor(3.1 channel + room correction) -> Wavelet(Optional, do I need it here?) -> inbuilt class D -> Aeris 

Is the above possible?. Or is there a better way to do this?.

Well, I too have been interested for some time in the Aeris, but have similarly been concerned about how I would integrate them into my AVR based system, through which I listen to Blu-ray movies, multi-channel SACDs, DVD-Audio discs, CDs, SiriusXM/Pandora via the apps in the AVR, and burned CDs by way of flac files on my laptop.  I can't figure out a way to do all that.
What I have discussed with Legacy is the idea of them making me a passive Aeris, which they said they could do as a special order. In that scenario, any room correction would have to be done in the AVR, pre-pro, or pre-amp. 
Humm Wavelet does take analog inputs. Would it be possible to send the output from AVR to wavelet for correction and then send it back to AVR?.  Does this work?
The Wavelet accepts XLR ANALOG audio input!!!  It has 2 sets of them.  I am on my 2nd Wavelet setup and use it exclusively with XLR inputs from DACs and preamps...