Help me find a pre-amp

Hello everyone.  I’ve done loads of searches & reading of threads on here.  I need to find a pre amp & make a final decision on amp to upgrade my sound.  Source will be purely digital (Qobuz) streamed from Aurender A200 (my two channels are also used for TV). Synergistic research cables.  For power amp I’m down to Rogue DragoN or a McIntosh 612.  Speakers are Chapman T-7.  I want the shityy recordings of 70s & 80s rock to come to life & fill the room(Rush, Van Halen etc)

The budget I have in mind for a pre is <$5k.
From all I’ve read here The Modwright L100 seems to be highly recommended, but I have not heard it.  
Thanks for your opinions!



I also have a  PS Audio BHK preamp. I love what it does to my system.  I can immerse myself in the music and float away for hours.  It's like meditation and all is good.  No drugs needed.

I’ve had a Krell Illusions ii, Zesto Leto, Coda and now the PS Audio BHK Pre.  Synergy is so important, my amp is a Krell duo 300xd.  I also tried a Lumin P1 to use as an all in one solution, pre, streamer, DAC.  My favorites are the PS Audio and Coda.  LTA makes outstanding gear and I’m sure there Pre’s would be a home run, again, assuming it pairs well with your amp, gear.  Suggestions on looking at a Mac pre make a lot of sense.  Aric Audio if you are looking for exotic, custom, high quality but made right here in the USA should be on your short list.  If you search this forum and others, you’ll find many raving about the gear, owner builds and designs all the gear, will do custom builds.  

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Problem is they are all good at that price range 

you really need to audition at home to decide

Yes they will all sound different but they are all good for $5 grand


luck Willy-T


We are in the same boat, I am in the process of choosing a preamp as we speak, and am making my decision this week....stretching to $6,000 will bring a few really good preamps into the mix. The list I have as of this writing after adding and subtracting some options.

(1) Aric Audio Motherlode II $5,125 or Motherlode XL $6,125 -

(2) Backert Labs Rhumba 1.4 $5,000 or used Rhumba Extreme 1.3 $5,000ish if you can find one. I was able to find a new Rhumba Extreme 1.4 for a discounted $7,300


(3) Atma-Sphere MP3 Mk 3.3 $5,650 -

(4) Linear Tube Audio MicorZOTL $5,750 with balanced inputs and Level 2 upgrades

(5) Audio Research Ref 5SE - Used around $6,000 if you can find a good one

Best of luck!

Vthokie, that is great list of candidates.  Curious if you have auditioned all of them and what are the other main components in your system that you’re pairing with?