Help me find a pre-amp

Hello everyone.  I’ve done loads of searches & reading of threads on here.  I need to find a pre amp & make a final decision on amp to upgrade my sound.  Source will be purely digital (Qobuz) streamed from Aurender A200 (my two channels are also used for TV). Synergistic research cables.  For power amp I’m down to Rogue DragoN or a McIntosh 612.  Speakers are Chapman T-7.  I want the shityy recordings of 70s & 80s rock to come to life & fill the room(Rush, Van Halen etc)

The budget I have in mind for a pre is <$5k.
From all I’ve read here The Modwright L100 seems to be highly recommended, but I have not heard it.  
Thanks for your opinions!


BTW, I’ve kind of dismissed Cary bc -rightly or wrongly, I assume a lot of my $$ would be going into phono stage related build. I’ll never see ROI from that.

A lot of good suggestions.

In my experience the Backert sounded like AI - very dynamic, but artificial sounding.  A sax should sound like a sax and the difference between a piano, harp and harpsichord is easily confused with the pre.

I passed on the Pre in favor of the Aesthetics Calypso...which gets the timbre and dynamics did the Atma Pre - just not as deep a stage.

Another recommendation for Backert Labs.  I recently purchased the Rhumba Extreme and a sax sounds very much like a sax on my system.  It's also very responsive to tube rolling.


I just finished my preamp listening journey, and I'll try to get my notes out later today......I'm not great at putting that into words, but I'll give it a go. Was a fun experience....and I've ordered my preamp.