Help me find a pre-amp

Hello everyone.  I’ve done loads of searches & reading of threads on here.  I need to find a pre amp & make a final decision on amp to upgrade my sound.  Source will be purely digital (Qobuz) streamed from Aurender A200 (my two channels are also used for TV). Synergistic research cables.  For power amp I’m down to Rogue DragoN or a McIntosh 612.  Speakers are Chapman T-7.  I want the shityy recordings of 70s & 80s rock to come to life & fill the room(Rush, Van Halen etc)

The budget I have in mind for a pre is <$5k.
From all I’ve read here The Modwright L100 seems to be highly recommended, but I have not heard it.  
Thanks for your opinions!


Here is what I think about the LS100 now that I’m running it with the NOS Mullard & Sophia Electric blue tubes: 

1)Resolution is stupid good as is soundstage..very 3D

2)Female vocals like Fiona Apple, Jennifer Warnes & Nora Jones are just so present & perfectly reproduced.  You could listen all day.

3)Those 70s & 80s recordings that I want to fill the room certainly do.  I get a good bit more volume & extension even though I’m still using my old B&K ex4420 while I await the arrival of the dragonN (Tuesday). Rocking out already with Zep, Rush & Van Halen.

*Im demoing an Aurender A200 with Qobuz as source.  Hopefully I can try a HiFi Rose and another lower price unit just to see, but there’s nothing not to like about the Aurender other than it’s lack of HDMI & it would be the most expensive component in my rig.

**My Chapman T-7s remain a super loudspeaker.  For the $5-6k I have into them, they do everything very well & I simply do not want for anything more-even after listening to Magico & SF offerings 



Where can I purchase a Luxman CL-38uC preamp new or used but preferably NOS with US voltage preset?

@tyray Used ones are hard to find.  Call Alex at Alma Audio.  Alex is a good guy and I think he'll work with you on the price. 

Having said that, I recommend the LTA microZOTL preamp.  The microZOTL is lower priced, and it sounds noticeably better than the CL-38uC and my BHK Signature.  I bought the microZOTL and sold the CL-38uC.  I'm going to keep the BHK Signature for now.

With the microZOTL, the sound is more delicate; I hear more micro details; instrument separation is better; cymbals decay longer; chimes sparkle; instruments and voices sound more natural; and there’s no harshness or listening fatigue. PRAT is superb.