help me get into gospel

hi guys, i'm really interested in learning more about gospel music.i only know about a few mahalia jackson and staple singers.let me know which are you favorite songs and albums.
Mapleshades recording of The ARC Choir will blow your socks off...

Also try Leap of Faith soundtrack and The Fairfield Four "Live From Mountain Stage"
thanks guys. i went into a website and listened to some clips of the fairfield four WOW!!.
Ony of my all time gospel favorites is "Spirituals & Gospel: Dedicated to Mahalia Jackson" by Mavis Staples and Lucky Peterson. Glorious Hammond B3 on every other track, vocals that send a child down your spine and, icing on the cake, excellent sonics.

Another interesting recent choice is "Gotta Serve Somebody: Gospel Songs Bob Dylan", an album of often undeservedly underrated Dylan songs from his Christian period, performed by the likes of Shirley Caesar, Sounds of Blackness and Aaron Neville.

Unfortunately, a lot of what is currently being marketed as gospel sounds much like formula soul except for the lyrics. I guess that's why I still listen to lots of Mahalia.
There are so many. This was what I was listening to when i read you post. Very good. Gospel blues with a really nice back up group: David Lindley, Charlie Musselwhite, John Hammond, Danny Thompson

Spirit of the Century by
Blind Boys of Alabama

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