Help me identify speakers - AR90s? Value and replacement cost?

HI All,

First time poster and need advice. I am moving from Germany to Switzerland, and my current set up is very big and heavy. I inherited this set up from a past girlfriend's uncle, so it was free. I'm mixed between selling it and replacing it once I arrive, or lugging it down there with me (I'll have a van and do the heavy lifting myself).

From my research I believe I have Teledyne Acoutic Research AR90s, powered by a Bang & Olufsen Beosound Ouverture and Beolink Passive (55W) amp. Can anyone confirm from the pictures that the speakers are indeed AR90s? And I've never seen any in White. 

What might the resale value on this set up be?

And if I replace in my new city, I don't need this kind of power, but nice clarity and quality would be nice. What might a replacement set up cost?






Am I under powering these with the 55-60 wpc of the beolink passive? I've read they may sound even better with like 200 wpc?

Ugly! Time to get out the paint stripper! Yes they will sound better dynamically with more power. I would sell them and the B & O gear and buy new stuff like a streamer (Wiiim Pro) and powered speakers.

Based on the 3rd photo it seems the mid bass driver is showing signs of excessive wear of the surrounds, and I am guessing they all might be in need of servicing / replacing. Leave / sell them and purchase new (or preowned) when you settle into your next place. They, and the bigger brother, the AR9, were nice speakers back in the day, and I preferred listening to them with larger ss amplifiers. The speakers, room size, listening levels etc. always plays a significant determination as to how much power is needed. My best, MrD.

Thank you all, indeed seems best way to go is sell and buy new/used once settled. Appreciate the advice!