help me identify this amplifier

Dear Audiogon community I need help identifying these monoblock amplifiers (KT77/ EL34). I have owned them for over 30 years, but can't remember the brand...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!






I would strongly suggest upgrading the parts ,the wiring is-old and brittle , the resistors are cheap cement type and capacitors low quality and for sure dried out 

Having owned a  Audiostore  for a decade and rebuilding these things are very apparent especially knowing it’s age ,for sure it will get worse ,it may work but detail is far from optimum ,capacitors back then dried out after 15 years and detail just fades and sound far better after being refreshed and upgraded 

just sound advise.

Klimo built great High Fi gear back in the 1980's .  Not sure if he's still in business.

Very limited production of components. I remember an FM tuner he offered. I think it was called the Erturnax or something like that. Very expensive for the time.  Those monoblocks you have look great.  Nice clean design with all the point to point wiring.  👍

Just curious,

How many companies used zip ties in their amps in the Eighties?


Zip ties were indeed available in the 80s. I used them in the Navy in the late 70s and early 80s.