Help me make sense of this - Midfi system sounding better hifi.

   I have a few systems but recently I changed the setup and pleasantly accidentally I came up with a really enjoyable system from midfi gears like Onkyo M-306 power amp, acurus pre, Klipsch kg 1.2 speakers, Topping E-30 DAC, and Ixos cables. 

   My main hifi system consists of Krell pre/power, B&W 802 D speakers, Firestone upstreaming DAC, and Transparent cables.

   The former system is considrably more dynamic and exciting to listen to - why?

   Is the Onkyo power amp M-306 that good? It's 300 watts per ch compared to Krell 200 watts - is that why the difference in dynamic exciting quaility?


   Any insight will be greatly appreciated as I am not enjoying my Uber system that costs as much as a luxury car, and getting me upset - I enjoy the midfi system that can be assembled for 1/30th of the cost...alas!


Heartfelt thanks to all who helped me out here...If I can get my main system to sound better, I would be a happy camper indeed! 


Please keep the suggestions coming if you can add something - surely appreciate your expertise.

Is it a newer krell amp or an older model? If older has it been serviced? The advice given above about changing one piece at a time is good advice.

As a owner of the 802D, those speakers start to come alive with a higher watt amp… I recommend a high current amp of min 400 watts…


@gonglee3 I sometimes wonder how much my listening preferences change - this combined with the sonic signature difference in your speakers reignites my curiosity of difference in sound versus quality of sound. 

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