Help me make the best arm-cartridge matches

I need to call on the expertise of the Audiogon analog gurus. I've recently ordered a Simon Yorke System 7 turntable with dual armboards and Koetsu Jade Platinum and Decca London Reference cartridges. The table comes with one Simon Yorke tonearm, but I'm unsure what second tonearm to purchase. Furthermore, what cartridge should I mount on which tonearm? I appreciate your help.
I've been told that the Schroeder Reference, w/ the Jan Allaerts cartridge is a Monster. So much so that, it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end! at least this was a strong suggestion from a very reliable, and well known audio reviewer (name withheld, something to do with the witness relocation program) when I asked the same question re: updating my Verdier La Platine. I just never took the plunge... the $ was a big concern. At least look into it.
Given your unfortunate circumstances, I'd be inclined to try something like a Kuzma air bearing arm. But that's just me. :)

Best of luck to you,

Dear Thsalmon : I don't know the SY tonearm characteristics but I read that it is a very good tonearm. I think that the manufacturer is the right place to have an advice about. Second tonearm?: why not another SY.

Regards and enjoy the music.