Help Me Name a New Band

Audio Friends,

I've joined a band. We have gigs on the book, but are sorely lacking a name. We'll be a 4-piece playing mostly instrumental improv funk ala Herbie Hancock, the Meters, or Medeski Martin and Wood. An internally-imposed rule is that the name should _not_ contain musical or genre descriptors like funk, groove, pocket, etc. Or numbers. We appreciate irony. A couple of near misses so far:

The Safety Meeting
Suitcase of Courage
The Vague

Let's throw some more stuff against the wall and see what sticks! Have at it.
- Welcome to the Palindrome
- Days of Blunder
- Partial Recall
- Blissfully Malignant
- Bluff the Tragic Dragon
- The Tao of Skeeball
- String Cheese Theory
- The Pancakes of Justice
- Days of Wine and Hosers (would help if you have a Canadian in the group)
- Panic Button
- Snark Plug
- Ebbets Near Field
- Clean Socks
- Cumulo-Rhombus
- Theremin and the Dodecahedrons
- The FAQs of Life
- Fracking for the Truth
- Unleavened Lead
- The Grassy Knolls
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