Help me pick a Dac

Budget 4000

I currently have the latest version of the Bluesound Node and a PS Audio Stellar Gaincell Dac for the digital Frontend. I stream qobuz and flac from a networked drive.
The rest of system is a Backert Lab Rhumba 1.3 , Schiit aiger monos and Zu soul 6 speakers. Also have a Nottingham horizon turntable, Hana cart and Lehman Cube phono pre. I think the modest tt sounds more natural and holographic compared to my digital frontend so I think I can do better.
Also I’m pretty isolated as far as audio goes so I’ve only heard my own system and likely will have buy without an audition.





I have a Backert Labs Rhythm 1.4 . Before I purchased an Aqua Acoustics LaScala DAC I had a Bryston BDA-3 DAC. Look For one on the preowned market. 

Thanks for all the input. Above my budget looking at the aurender a200as solution for the streamer as well.  

I was underwhelmed by the Stellar Dac/pre. I have a Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5 which is amazing. Absolute Sound did a great review. Do a search. One is FS on US Audiomart for $1100


Why not check out the schitt dac's since you have their amps? Plus they have 15 day trial.

@dwest1023 i like the amps but have had problems with other pieces from them. 
And the customer service reflects the lower price points. Just my take.