Help me pick a great phono cable

Good people of Audiogon:

I'm ready to buy a phono cable for my vinyl front end, and I'd like some suggestions. Budget is no more than $1000.00, but preferably on the lower side. So far, I've used only cheap / no-name interconnects for this application, and now I'd like to make some improvements by upgrading. It's a VPI turntable, and so has the standard RCA connections. I'm thus looking for a phono cable with RCA terminations. Moving in the direction of better resolution, detail, and soundstage would be ideal.

Full system is listed here and includes Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge -> VPI JMW 10.5i > VPI Aries 2 Black Knight turntable > McIntosh C2300 preamplifier (using its MC phono stage).

Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks for any thoughts on the subject.
I like Tel-Wire. They aren't flashy, but they are made with really good stuff. Best of all, they don't seem to color the sound.
Goheelz, Your question is actually tricky because only some
of us are familiar with the McIntosh 2300 preamp. This is
obvious from the advice's you got. Everybody is 'promoting'
his own 'darling'. But Dover saved you at least $800. If you can solder you can make your own 50 cm interconnect with WBT or Eichmann RCA connectors. Or you can buy one on ebay. The short one are usually cheaper.
Lots of talk about this one in the UK forums.
Sounds like it maybe worth checking out.
I'll throw out 1 more great suggestion for you:

Cable Research Labs Phono Cable

I've found this to be a very impressive cable.

And yes, I am a Cable Research Labs dealer.
FWIW, I owned for a Mac C2300 for a while and used the cables I mentioned with that preamp. I did not end up using the phono section of the C2300 much, however, because I bought a Steelhead. But the cables worked well with it.