Help me pick some new or used speaker cables

Let’s say the budget is $2.5k

Speakers are (modded/upgraded) Chapman T-7s driven by a Rogue dragoN.

The T-7s have titanium tweets-which I might like to tame  or smooth ever so slightly.

I listen to Qobuz exclusively, lots of Rock(Zeppelin) & house (Satin Jackets) Female soloists (Norah Jones)

Thank you audioholics!



I have Rouge Audio M180.

I use Thales - one of the best Investments I made. They were 2.5K when I got them, but still worth the Scratch @ 3.5K..  I did a Comparison with another Brand that was 12K. IMHO Thales was the better cable.

Thales Audio

Fidelium Cables - my next Investment, Maybe..


Clarus Aqua is interesting

I’ve seen conflicting opinions on Mogami forever on these forums.  I’m not sure what to think

Have you tried positioning your speakers differently? Maybe swivel them out a bit if you have them facing your listening position.


i responded earlier, but you may have missed my current cables are AQ midnights.  Current interconnects are Shunyata & AQ

I have played w speaker position.  As I have them toed ideally now for the central-image-3-d-sweet spot.  Not much else to do there as I have them as far away from the wall as I can get as well as a perfect equilateral triangle to my ears