Help me select an integrated amp for Thiel CS3.6 speakers

Room is 25 x 25 and fully carpeted. The speakers are in the corners -  this cannot be changed.

Looking for suggestions for an integrated amp that will work well with this speaker. Looking to spend around $2500 but will go to $4000 if it makes sense to do so. This obviously removes the higher end Pass, Luxman, Levinson etc from the discussion.

Two on my radar are:
1) Rotel RA-1592
2) Parasound Hint 6.

They both have plenty of watts and bluetooth for apple/tidal/ connectivity. My source will be streaming or buying a streamer at some point.

I am planning on buying without being able to audition unfortunately.

Any help would be appreciated. 


They're a challenging load for many separate power amps, not many intergrateds  are up to the task.
Honestly EPZ, you should consider selling those speakers (assuming you’ve purchased them already). The real issue here is the size of your room (25’ x 25’ speakers in the corners only). As others have mentioned, you need a high current amp to get them sounding their best (CS3.6 are 2.3 - 3.0 ohms minimal for almost the entire frequency range). At minimum you would be looking at something like a Pass Labs Int 250, and that’s over your budget ($7K used). Look for better speakers to suite your room (high efficiency, with higher impedance than the CS3.6). Than your choice of Integrated Amps will be much easier, and affordable.
A new Bluesound Node 2i streamer/dac $500, a used Coda CSiB v3 integrated can be found below $3,000.
I use this combo with thiel cs2.4


Given the (2) considerations- audition the Parasound Hint 6. 
Parasound and Thiel have a sonic relationship, especially, separates.
Once you have your system configured, join us over on the Thiel Owners thread(under Speakers). There you will find fellow CS 3.6 fans and supporters. Enjoy the Audio journey.

Happy Listening!