Help me select an integrated amp for Thiel CS3.6 speakers

Room is 25 x 25 and fully carpeted. The speakers are in the corners -  this cannot be changed.

Looking for suggestions for an integrated amp that will work well with this speaker. Looking to spend around $2500 but will go to $4000 if it makes sense to do so. This obviously removes the higher end Pass, Luxman, Levinson etc from the discussion.

Two on my radar are:
1) Rotel RA-1592
2) Parasound Hint 6.

They both have plenty of watts and bluetooth for apple/tidal/ connectivity. My source will be streaming or buying a streamer at some point.

I am planning on buying without being able to audition unfortunately.

Any help would be appreciated. 



Given the (2) considerations- audition the Parasound Hint 6. 
Parasound and Thiel have a sonic relationship, especially, separates.
Once you have your system configured, join us over on the Thiel Owners thread(under Speakers). There you will find fellow CS 3.6 fans and supporters. Enjoy the Audio journey.

Happy Listening!
Given the (2) considerations- audition the Parasound Hint 6.
👍 yes forgot about John Curl’s Halo amps, not quite as good, but cheaper than the Gryphon Diablo 120 or the bigger 300, but will also do the job nicely, as they are BJT output stage as well, which means good current delivery into difficult loads.

Cheers George
I have my doubts about the Hint 6 being able to drive the CS3.6 speakers properly in a 25' x 25' room. It's only rated at 160 and 270 watts into 8 and 4 ohms. The Hint is basically the same as the Halo Integrated.

From Sterophile's Halo review:  "Fig.19 also shows that the amplifier offers low levels of distortion into the two higher impedances, but begins to stress out into 2 ohms."


It won't be long before the OP is looking to upgrade....

Also, the Hint has been priced as low as $1600 on the used market already. This is entry level stuff, the CS3.6's deserve better than that.

Something like Parasounds JC1's would be more appropriate in a room that size ($4k used).
From Sterophile’s Halo review: "Fig.19 also shows that the amplifier offers low levels of distortion into the two higher impedances, but begins to stress out into 2 ohms."
Yeah, as I said ok, but not as good as the Gryphon’s

Something like Parasounds JC1’s would be more appropriate
Agree with you there, but they don’t exist anymore new, have to go used.
Just hope the Class-D jokers aren't going to start recommending them.

Cheers George
Ditto for those calling for high current. Integrated won't cut it with 3.6's in a room that big. That's close to the size room I had. I'd suggest a Krell FPB 300, which was where I finally found relief. Until I twisted off and got some CS6's, which I never got enough power for. Krell mono 250's were ok, I agree with previous post: sell the 3.6's and get some efficient speakers. I have Vandersteen 3A sigs in a smaller room than yours, and a Classe ca 2100 is fine at 100 wpc double down..Vandys might work for you, if you stay away from the bigger guys...