Help me spend $6000

I’m looking to get the best bang for the dollar. My amp is the Pass Labs INT-25. I listen to a lot of jazz,folk,classic rock,and funk. 
Floor-stander or monitor is fine. Prefer new, but I’m open to used. I’m looking for a detailed presentation, but not bright. I also prefer a thick midrange. 

Room is a bonus room with knee walls with carpet and bookshelves everywhere, but not officially treated. I sit near field. 

Pro-Ject RPM 10 Carbon

Soundsmith Zephyr III

Parasound JC3+

Denefrips Iris DDC

Denefrips Pontus II 

Hifi Rose RS250

Wilsenton R8

Klipsch Heresy IV

REL T5i x 2

Mac mini server running Roon


Pass Labs INT25

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At this point the biggest improvement will be a new circuit breaker panel and dedicated AC lines.



Thanks for the Heresy hate. Haven’t heard that one. 

I own a factory custom pair in rosewood serial number 1 and 2. I don't hate Heresys. What I said was for 6000 bucks you can do a lot better.

Sell everything but the the roon core and get some Kef LS 60s. You could add a couple of subwoofers as well.

I had a pass integrated 60 and now a 250. I found that Dynaudio speakers would give you what you are looking for. I  used special 40’s for both amps. Wonderful full mids good bass and detailed without a hint of brightness. My Kef LS metas were not bad either, but I reserve them for my tube amp.