Help me understand cartridge alignment

I have a Ortofon Bokrand AB309 arm and I'm using a Royal N cartridge set up using Baewald geometry using the Feickert protractor. It's sounds awesome. I also have an Ortofon SL15 and I put it a cartridge and weighted it so I can swap it out for the Royal N any time without adjustment. The thing is, I don't have the right headshell for the SL15 yet so it can only line up like 5MM short on the Feickert. It also sounds great. So why is this? It doesn't line up with Stevenson or Lofgren. It's just off the grid and yet it's fine. I don't understand.


@gregchick0 , your unusual but sincere post made me curious and so I viewed your posts in the last month since joining this forum. You sound like an interesting person, truly. So sorry for the thread drift but how about telling us more about yourself. Nationality? Occupation? Why did you join here? System details?

Hey Greg- as a person who will no doubt based on family history begin to have a decline in hearing soon, I do appreciate every moment I can enjoy music!

Thanks for your post. Hope you have a great holiday season!


fsonicsmith, Thanks, I'm a white bald old guy that gets excited about stereos and music.  Retired Plumbing Contractor self-employed, over 45 years.

I actually joined here to read what others say about equipment, as well, "misery loves company" in the endless search for the effect of a live concert at the turn of a knob!  

Also, to sell at least one of my Amps to help pay for new equipment.  The Anthem STF amps my wife got me.  After all wife's lives matter!  


fsonicsmith, Yes, the hair falls, the earlobes grow, the hearing leaves, and wisdom takes over!  Take a tip from the wise, turn it up! Try some Miles Davis and prepare for the future, streaming music is trying to get you!  Develop a sense of humor to replace your sense of hearing. 

I hope this reply is not a violation of thread sequence!  If it is copy paste it elsewhere. Or tell me to. carry on with the azimuth and grove path. 

@gregchick0 Well, to keep the groove on thread and track, your sell-deprecation is admirable but I am not sure one has to have the hearing of a teenager to appreciate the sound of a great vinyl rig. I saw that you posted previously about cleaning records so you do have a turntable and yet you seem to mostly mention streaming. I take it your point is that access to all-important music is so [nearly] unlimited with streaming and that the music must come first for all of us, and particularly for you with old man's disease. My own belief system is that digital and vinyl will never sound alike. And contrary to the beliefs of some, it is not about so-called masking due to euphonic distortion. Instead it is simply due to radically different technologies and the amazing ability of most music lovers to discern differences over time. I am willing to venture a guess that with the right system you too would appreciate the SQ with an optimally set up table. IMHO, 70-80% of the time if you stream an album and compare it to playing the same album on a top vinyl rig the digital will win simply because having a great pressing is so vital and so hard to obtain-involving pure luck way too often. But that 20-30% of the time when you do have a great pressing of what you are in the mood for hearing, the vinyl version soars above. As it so happens, I have an exceptional pressing of Bitches Brew. 


fsonicsmith, don't get me wrong, I am not really happy streaming is muscling in.  Actually, your point on the "best" LP pressings is painfully accurate. But I read from some well-respected LP master pros, that is possible to correctly master digitally too.  So, the poor pressing LP's and not to mention those old Record Club pressings, are in my room, unlistenable.  

Yes! a good pressing of Bitches Brew is like the Holy Grail, especially after I upgraded my TT to an outboard Tube Box S2 Phono Preamp and good cartridge & stylus.   Actually, after doing such, half my recordings both LP and CD became annoying, unless just background music.  

Oh, the pain of having a good stereo!  Now I need wall treatment.