help me with cheap tape deck.

Want to spend arround $200 on used tape deck with the following:
3 heads, minimum 2 motors(3 is better), record monitoring, non-digital VUs, all manual adjustmens(bias, separate level controls on each channels), good recording preamp, built quality, none-china(also non-indonesia, non-Korea) made.

for transfering extra-valuable vinyls to tapes.
...havn't enough space for reel to reel. That's why I've sold my Otari before. I still have a bunch of reels that I have to probably auction or sell them as a whole.
Some of the Onkyo Integra recorders from the late 80s, early 90s. They are very solid. They are as described, except for the VU's. Many are 3 motor. There are a few, but the TA2800, TA2600, are about 10 years ago, and the TA2090 from about 1988. Also the TA2058.

I also have a tape deck made by Dual the turntable company. Does a real nice job, except it does not have separate channel recording settlings. Very rare in the US.

There are plenty of Nakamichi decks on this site. Most good 3 head decks from Nak should have all or most of the features and the build quality you're looking for. For specific info on what models have what features just go to . Good luck!
I bought a new Nakamichi CR3A for $800 14 years ago. They go for between $250 - $325 here on Audiogon. It has all the features you seek except separate channel record levels. You'll need a separate preamp if you plan to use microphones. It still works fine, but like anything with motors it needs regular exercise to function perfectly. If I let it sit for months it sometimes takes the servos a few tries and some voodoo before they'll "remember" and respond. With regular use it functions perfectly every time. I used TDK MA type IV metal tape to transcribe my LP's with excellent results.