Help needed on a recalcitrant Sony DVP-S7000

I have an old Sony DVP-S7000 DVD/CD player that I would like to give to a friend if I can fix an annoying problem. This DVD/CD player works perfectly but will refuse to play about one out of three brand new DVDs.

The problem is with the player. I used to follow the instructions on Sony website to re-calibrate the player by just turning it off and back on in a special way.

I lost my copy of these instructions, which have now been removed from the Sony site! If anyone still has these instructions, I would love to get a copy from you.

Thank you.
had a site with the exact info and more but just checked and the Link isn't working now. Sorry
Do you mean recalibrate? Maybe on this site that I've bookmarked a few years ago.
Good luck.
I still own a DVP-S3000 the lower priced entry Sony model also from 1997. It will only play selective newer Dvd's released since last summer. It will however play all older Dvd's without any issues. There are no issues at all on Cd playback. Curious also, yet the player has been easily forgotten in a guest bedroom. I do not feel that my player is out of allignment, or in need of recalibration of any sort? It may be a Firmware upgrade from Sony that is required, if this is even ever an available option?

P.S. Richingoth Thanx! As the site you mentioned has manuals for download/printing for many older obsolite Sony products.