HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range

I am trying find a decent 2 channel power amp to replace my Sonos Amp connected to Kef R3's and RSL Speedwoofer MKII.

I was considering the Emotiva TA2 but based on the comments/reviews here I beleive I could do better going 2X on price over the Emo and be open to a used unit.  I prefer  warm to neutral with detail sound profile.I'd also like an amp that is north of 100 WPC becuase my listening space is midsized (open floor plan approx 600 SF).

Thanks to all in advance!


Kept waiting for pre mention as well.

Some good stuff above.

LSA New-Chat with Walter. He loves to deal.

Van Alstine. More $ but next level for sure. Be respectful.

Parasound. Any JC gear may be your best bet. Talk to Phil.

Don't buy anything over 5 years old. 

+1 for the Schiit. If you get in in your set up and it does not fill the room (which it will) you can save up and for $600 over your top end you can run two as mono blocks. Just make sure you know your neighbors.

I was originally considering the LSA Warp 1, but ended up with a GoldNote PA 10. and I’m loving it. Sort of a quasi GaN Mosfet (sort of class D). I find it neutral to warm for the most part. It can handle dips no problem, and can be found on sale for a decent price (one at The Music Room for $1200 atm). Bridgeable, or can run as a mono block - would love to get another if we move to a bigger house (ever). Still might get an LSA Warp 1 to compare someday…