Help on finding a top quality digital AM-FM mini receiver

My 40+ year old Sony SRF-M40W finally croaked after all those years of faithful service.

I purchased a Sangean DT-120 and it’s a great little receiver which will get use, but I have a couple of minor issues (just me) with it.

I’m looking for a hand held or pocket sized AM-FM or perhaps FM only receiver (speaker not necessary) with presets to be used with ear buds. Looking for suggestions. Price not a consideration. Thanks in advance.



AM and FM is all available from your phone with the app of your choice and without any static!

If the OP only listens to a couple of stations, the phone route works well.  I have my favorite Internet Radio stations apps on my phone.  However if the OP listens to a bunch of stations, the phone is less practical

Thanks to all who have responded. I listen to 5 local fm stations. I probably need the receiver with presets which would allow me to quickly scan and hear what each station has on.