Help on Interconnects

Would someone give me an idea of interconnects that are less than $250 (used) for an Adcom 565 Preamp to and Adcom 555 II Amp. I have no clue on a good combination and do not have the time to investigate all the options.
Harmonic Technologies Truthlink IC ($250.00 retail or $125.00 used)- nice warm but detailed sound and smooth HF's which may work well with your Adcom gear. Homegrown Audio's Super Silver IC ($70.00 new and solid core pure silver), has a very smooth and super detailed liquid sound and is not shy on bass - don't let the price fool you. Mapleshade Double Helix IC ($240.00) - they have had some very good reviews at Audio Asylum - I would like to try them myself. MIT IC's are on closeout at Audio Advisor, our resident cable sage Sam recommended one of their IC's in a previous thread that I cannot locate right now - search past threads or hopefully Sam will see this one. Homegrown, Mapleshade and Audio Advisor all have money back guarantee's.