Help optimizing my streaming setup

My streaming setup is pretty simple and sounds very good right now, but I'm wondering if I can do anything between the router and the streamer to make it better.  I'm not interested in a DAC upgrade at this time.  My virtual system is not up to date.  The system is:

Verizon FIOS router>6 meter DH Labs Reunion Cat 8 ethernet cable>Aurender N100SC>Oyaide DR-510 spdif>DAC

Since I'm able to hardwire the streamer to the router, would a switch provide any benefit?  I'm aware of the Eno that some of you guys seem to like and have been looking into them.  Would an LPS for the router do anything?  Is there anything else I can do? 


I'm in the camp that an audiophile grade switch can provide sonic benefits. 

Your router is not an audiophile grade device.  

I inserted an English 8 Switch into my setup a year and a half ago.  It yielded immediate sonic benefits.  A decent switch will re-clock the signal and help de-jitter and de-crapifie the signal. 


If your router uses copper to get from outside to inside get an isolator like this one to increase surge protection. Also consider one at the streamer.

I find this solution a little better than using optical converters in the middle because they don’t add more wall-warts that can add more noise.



@erik_squires : very interesting find! And very affordable (audiophile language speaking obviously).

I would have been in the camp of being sceptical about switches -  especially the idea of putting a switch into a setup that doesn't have multiple devices. However, having assessed the effect of inserting a quality switch in two separate installations, I have changed my mind.

That said, looking at the two installations, the positive effect of an audiophile switch was greater where the setup involved more convoluted wiring and another switch upstream of the music server.

But even in the more purist setup involving a CAT 6 connection direct from the router, the switch still made a worthwhile improvement.