Help please

I am having problems setting up my Music Hall MMF 9.1. I thought I had everything right but when I was checking every out before listening, I noticed that the tone arm moves towards the outside of the record as soon as I let go of it. I could use a little help. I'm guessing I forgot to do something simple.


Aha! That would do it! Of course, there's always reading the directions. Do you have a manual?
Yes I have the manual. For some reason I was just not thinking when I got to that step of the setup. Now it sounds fantastic!
Congratulations. Experience is a wonderful thing. Most of us have learned the hard way at some point or other.
I'm still new to vinyl. I bought my first setup this past July after I walked into a local music store that was closing and everything was on sale. I found some great records for a good price and my girlfriend actually told me to buy them. I think she is enjoying this as much as I am.