Help Please recommend a 5ch amp around $2000

Well, I making the plunge into surround. I've been a long purist of stereo material, but figure it's time to enjoy movies in surround. This amp will be paired with a newly purchased Cary Cinema 11. Any thoughts, used or new. Top notch 2ch quality is a priority.

This is what I've come up with so far, any opinions? Thanks so much.

Proceed Amp5 used
Krell Showcase 5 used
Sunfire Cinema Grand used
Adcom 7605 new
Rotel 1075 new
Way below your stated budget, but someone told me that the Panasonic SA-XR700 is quite good.
Try a Butler hybrid amp, 5 channels of tube sound with bass of a Solid State. Excellent product. 3295.00 retail.
ATI 2505, used, on Audiogon. Minimum 250W/channel/8 ohms, all driven. Dynamics & slam when needed, feather touch finesse and detail at the other extreme. Extremely well built and durable.

When they rarely come up for sale they go from $1500- $2000, depending on condition.