Help Tracking Down Michell Armboard for Rega Tonearm

Hi All,

Like the title says, I am hoping anyone can help me track down an arm board so I can get a tonearm on my Michell Gyro SE, in the US. I bought the turntable used back in August without a tonearm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to find a Michell tonearm or an arm board to put a Rega on there. I was apparently very wrong, and now have a fantastic turntable that I can't listen to. My local HiFi shop can't seem to get any of the Michell tonearms (they are a dealer) for some reason. I can only find the arm board from a site in the UK that says they don't ship Michell products to the US. Does anyone here know where in the US I could find something to get this thing up and running?




What about getting one made by a woodworker.  I made a board for my orbe SE from laminated maple.  You just need a few dimensions.

1. IF only source: perhaps you can have the UK seller simply drop it off at a 3rd party 'pack and ship' that you pay directly.

Here in USA, to buy from reluctant shippers (I don't blame them, it can be intimidating) UPS will received unpacked items and pack and ship to you. You simply pre-arrange an estimate with UPS near seller based on size and weight. I've done it a few times, easy, and UPS is responsible for the item's safe arrival. 

2. Is it a simple circle of a uniform thickness? Would a hardwood blank work, i.e. Maple/Cherry ...  ___ dia; ____ thick, you then drill for the tonearm? Maple stained black, or you paint it after cutting. If so, I would order two.

I am having my woodworker make bases and 'blank' armboards for TD125's for Steve at VAS. We did two in Cherry, Mahogany will be next.

these are made from maple, 4 optional colors, and one solid Mahogany