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We want to know what music you like to listen with your awesome sound system. Try our list for upcoming CAF 2023 Music List with your system. 

CAF 2023 Music List

Let us know which song you like the most and if you want to recommend more music for our next show, please share here and let us know why. 


I love when people tell me why this music piece is special for them; whether it is personal experience, just sound great to test audio gear, one thinks this is the greatest music artist, or the simply the best band. 



I agree that "Aja" has reached cliche status as a demo song. After I obtained either Japanese imports (SHM's) or hybrid SACD's of Steely Dan's first 7 albums ("Can't Buy a Thrill ' - "Gaucho"), I decided to come up with a playlist of the 20 most "sonically interesting" Steely Dan songs. The only rule was "Aja" is excluded. I won't bore anyone with the whole list; but, I've listed one track from each of those albums that made my list:

1) Change of The Guard; 2) Razor Boy; 3) Night By Night; 4) Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More 5) Sign in Stranger 6) Home at Last  7) Babylon Sisters.  

It was a fun and interesting challenge for me; and, I'd recommend any serious Steely Dan fan to give it a shot.

Nickle Creek, self titled album, especially

Ode to a Butterfly

I'm going to see them on Friday in Oakland. It's the most I've 

ever spent on a ticket. 

After looking at your 2023 playlist, I suggest  you check out the soundtrack to "Crossing Jordan," as it contains great cover versions of the following songs:

"Season Of the Witch" - RICHARD THOMPSON

"Can't Find My Way Home" - ALISON KRAUSE

"The Wind Cries Mary" - CASSANDRA WILSON

@bander Just listened to "Ode to a butterfly, very nice recording. Hope you had a great time listening to them. Glad they are not BTS concert ticket. 

@mitchagain I love Eric Clapton version of "Can't find my way home". The live version from Royal Albert Hall. I wish I was there. I will try the rest of them. 

@jafant Thank you for the recommendation.