Help using Caig cleaning products

I have just purchased Deoxit, Pro Gold, PreservIT, and CaiLube. Can anyone give me advice regarding using these products on my system. Any cautions? My system is as follows: Rega P2, AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000, ARC SP9MKII, ARC VT60, Vandersteen 2ce Signatures, Tara Labs RSC Axiom interconnects, Audioquest GR8 speaker cables. Thanks for any assistance that you can offer.
Use each in the order they suggest (i.e. clean contacts first, then lube and preserve and protect). The key is to use each product SPARINGLY. The less product used the better.
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CAUTION! Be sure to use Pro-Gold X (extended temperature) for your tube pins and sockets. Don't use the regular Pro-Gold for this application.