Help wanted spending money and improving my system.

I’ve got the upgrade itch and would like feedback on what piece should be replaced or what should be added.  If this system was yours, which piece would you replace and what would you buy as a replacement or what would you add to improve the sound/experience.  I’m not considering replacing my cabling at this point in time.  Please, 1 item only.  So, what would you add or replace?  I’m very happy with what I’ve put together, but I’ve got the itch, and scratching is not enough!!  Current system:  Carver Crimson amp, Primaluna Dialogue preamp, Schiit Yggdrasil D/A, Schiit Lokius equalizer, Jays CD player Mk III, Oppo 103 (for SACD only) Thorens TD145 with Ortofon 2M Bronze, M&K V75 sub, Klipsch R-15 sub, Roon Nucleus, Mac mini server (for iTunes) and Goldenear Triton References, home made bass traps.

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Even something like a Bottlehead will be an improvement. If you want to do the phono stage. A lot of other good ideas here. Synergistic HFT, Purple fuse, Townshend Pods and/or Podiums. I am generally in line with Frank, better to get the most from what you have first.
there are twenty phono pre the equal of the decware…. that’s your weak link…now…

Sometimes the “ long game “ is a double album

Also, on speaker isolation gizmos you have many choices….do a search….