Help what arm and cartridge should I get?

OK, I have been out of touch with my audio setup for about 15 years and probably haven't listened to vinyl more like 20 years. I am just getting back into it and thought I would try vinyl again. I just bought an Aries turntable (from a fellow AudiogoNer) and I now need an arm and cartridge. Anybody know of a compatible arm and cartridge for this table? Don't really have a budget in mind, but based on what I paid for the table, I'm thinking of maybe around $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 for both. Used, from an AudiogoNer is fine. Other main components of my system are; Audio Research Classic 60 amp, Juicy Music Pcat monoblocks, Audio Research SP14 preamp, Klipschorns and Red Rose Rosebud 2's.