Help. Wife says Teres 340 Is too bright.

My Teres 340 is equipped with a Origin Live Illustrious 3 arm and Benz Ebony L cart. The rest of my system is listed.
I think the TT combo sounds great. She does too, but says the highs are just a little bright. I have played with VTA but that has not fixed the problem though she says we were headed in the right direction with tail lowered.

She says that we had the Scoutmaster just right prior to buying the Teres. Funny thing is that I thought the SM was a tad bright on certain albums. But she didn't. Now I think the 340 is just right but she thinks it bright on some recordings.

The only component that I can think that would be causing this is the tonearm. I cannot imagine the Benz Ebony L as bright. Nor do I think it is the Teres. I really think we (wife & I) need to have our ears calibrated so as to agree on brightness. But since that isn't going to happen, I suppose I should figure out how to please us both. So, do you think I'm on the right track with the tonearm being the culprit? What tonearm would give a warmer presentation? Thanks for your help
I had a feeling there may be something like involved. In our case, it was our youngest son. Keep your sense of humor and your hobby(ies). They will serve you well.

Best of luck to you.
Thom,I put the resistors back in on the secondary. They are 4.7kohm. i had them in the primary position before. I'm sitting and listening now and WOW. It really sounds nice.

I'm still considering a new phono preamp though. Let a JLTI get by me that was very good price. I'm also looking at the K&K Maxxed Out which I am lead to understand is the Art Vinyl reference with a different rectifier.
I'm also looking at tube amps. I've been wanting to go the tube route for some time

Dan ed. I looked at your system and wow. Very nice and nice to look at besides. I had a pair of loaded horn cabinets about that size back in the early 80's They were nowhere as pretty though. I used them on my PA in a few bands I was in. They had 15" EV's and sounded as loud at 150 ft as they did at 10ft. Can't imagine how big your room must be. Then too, I sure they are diffeent animals then what I was running even though the cabinet size looks the same.

Raul, I looked at your system too. I think you need at least one more TT. All kidding aside, you have a showroom of some of the best TT's and arms I've seen anywhere.
Got your email also. Thanks. I'll give you a holler. things have been rather hectic

Happy Thanksgiving to all
Couldn't let the last post just sit there!!!! It seems you have a great wife with good ears, your very fortunate. My wife has good ears but doesn't listen with me much except when I ask for an opinion. On the other hand she really likes the looks of the CJ and Wilsons and the sound of the system, go figure!!!!!
I've been bouncing all over the place looking for a new phono.... tube, SS or hybrid. I did a stop gap act and bought a Pass XONO hoping it will be a substantial improvement over the Nova and hold me until I'm sure what I want or kind of sure or......!!
Good luck with your search.
Thanks Samhar. You're right. My wife is also my best friend and has been very supportive of my music need.
I have also ordered a tube amp and am looking forward to receiving it anad see how it compares. I must also say that since a few tweaks, this system really sounds great most of the time. I think what I am hearing on the few occasions where there is a tendency towards brightness is the system exposing a bad recording. But I've been wanting to play with tubes for a while now, so we'll see how a relatively inexpensive tube amp stacks up to the CJ 2500a
I haven't given up on a phono preamp. But like you, I haven't been able to come up with a path which turns me on yet. The Xono is a really good pre and gets very good reviews. Class A too, isn't it? I would like to stay with tubes though. I've considered the K&K maxxed out. But i need to take one step at a time. Right now, its tube amp time. It should be here by the weekend maybe.