Help with a buzz from Well Tempered TT

I've had the Well Tempered clasic with black platter and tone arm for about 9 months. Lately, a buzz has developed. I tried a new ground cable but to luck. When I tap on the cartridge and tone arm there is no change. There sometimes is an increase in buzz with turning the motor on or tapping the with from the tone arm. Unfortuately, I'm not in a town that has any store that has a repair service. All advice would be much appreciated!

Hi Andrew, if no one comes up with a cure for your WTTT you can reach them at

Voice 207-284-1100
Fax 207-284-1101

I hope you can find and fix the problem. Hard to find a better TT for the money.
Could be one or more of the leads to the cartridge. Check the soldering to be sure the wires are connected solidly to the clips. If one or more of the clips don't fit snugly onto the pin(s), gently squeeze the clips(s) with a needle-nosed pliers. You can buy the clips from WT.

Also, double-check ALL of your grounds.