Help with a new TV.

Hi everbody,
The girlfriend and I close on our new and smaller condo the 15th of this month. Because it's smaller it has been decided that a wall-mountable, flat panel tv is going to be necessary to make the living room livable. Needless to say, I am all for this, and after a fair amount of research have decided on the following set, keeping in mind our budget is $2500 plus installation. The set in question is the Sharp Aquos 32" LCD HDTV. The picture quality and sound are both excellent, it is fully equipped with all the necessary ins and outs, and seems to have a very good rep for reliability. Sharp says the estimated lifespan is 60,000 hours, at a very high 5 hours per day that means it would last almost 33 years, more than sufficient. Given our budget are we making a wise choice, please keeping in mind we have space constraints that preclude and DLP set. Any alternate ideas would be very much appreciated as would support for the Sharp. Thanks.
FWIW, the March 2005 issue of Consumer Reports has some reviews of the different types of displays.
The wall mount i bought, is a Peerless, and it is solid steel, 26 lbs. to be exact, i think its well worth the money, $122 inc. shipping. I'm sure the companies that make the mounts are making money, some alot more than others, but you can find a great mount for decent price.
Regardless of what TV you choose, be it LCD or plasma or RPTV, avoid Best-bye,CostlyCO.Find a store that has ISF certified technicians and bring a dvd you like and watch it,ask some questions and when you buy the set have it properly calibrated. This always costs a few bucks but is essential to getting the best possible picture from your set.
Happy shopping!!!!
PS Extended warranties are in general a large scale con. The dealer benifits more than you ever will.