Help with a suggestion for using audio equipment in extremely humid climate conditions

I had never before such question as the climate conditions where I live are normal.

But I am thinking to move part of my audio stuff to a coast, very close to the sea (100 meters or so). I think some audio/digital stuff (CDs, for instance) are not so tolerant to high humidity. I wonder if there are can be some special suggestions, say special audio brands, tube or solid state is more resistant,  speakers, etc.

Thanks, in advance, guys for your input!


If you are so fortunate as to own a house near the ocean, I would think you would also have air conditioning?
I'd be more concerned about salt damage.
I worked in the Hamptons and saw firsthand how the ocean would necessitate yearly repairs and maintenance.
Anything that can be stored in a cabinet to protect it from the salt environment.  Look at Class D amplifiers. Look at an audio streamer or any other source that has no moving parts.