Help with a suggestion for using audio equipment in extremely humid climate conditions

I had never before such question as the climate conditions where I live are normal.

But I am thinking to move part of my audio stuff to a coast, very close to the sea (100 meters or so). I think some audio/digital stuff (CDs, for instance) are not so tolerant to high humidity. I wonder if there are can be some special suggestions, say special audio brands, tube or solid state is more resistant,  speakers, etc.

Thanks, in advance, guys for your input!


^^^ Impossible to do with a tube based system...
 Maybe leaving a good quality cotton towel or even a chamois over the gear when not in use will absorb most if not all airborne water vapor..
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I wouldn't worry about it. If it sounds good to you - get that. If and when something wrong happens - throw it away and get new equipment. Unless you are talking about expensive equipment - then have it fixed. Much depends on your income. People wear out cartridges and tubes and computers. I don't know how panel speakers behave in this environment, though, but it's probably no good for any kind of speakers.
So this may not have been clear. The OP was talking about SALT WATER.

That is particularly corrosive. It doesn't have to rain on the gear to suffer from it. As I've read over the years, it will quickly corrode bare boards. You really want to use only masked printed circuit boards here, and even then, you are still going to suffer a loss of life span.

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