Help with B&W monoblock amps

I am a tube amp guy, but a guy just gave me a pair of B&W MPA 810 monoblock amplifiers in lieu of some $$ he owes me. They are rated at 650W into 8 with impulse power at 2300W into 2 ohms They look like a couple of monsters that you could use if your welder broke. Anybody have any history with them?? They appear to be about 10 years old? Thanks for the help. Not sure if I should keep them for ? or just see what happens and list them here. I have the service manual, but really can't find out much on the web.
IIRC, those amps were designed and manufactured by Studer for B&W in the mid- to late-1980's as a match for their 808 speakers: large, high output studio monitors (I have a pair). Both the 808 and the MPA 810 were well-regarded by their dealers. The 808 sounds a bit dated compared to their current higher resolution offerings. I don't know how the MPA 810s would fare against the contemporary competition.
from what i have heard they are still very, very desireable (kinda cool looking if i remember)