Help with Bricasti M3 -

I just bought a Bricasti M3 with MDX Board running v1.08. I will upgrade the firmware as soon as I can arrange it with Bricasti.

I am confused on the 2 different music paths... between NDSD PCM and DSD.

I have a large Digital Library on an external drive connected to my desktop PC, which is connected via Wi-Fi on our Fios 2GB fiber connection. I am using an Orbi WiFi extender to output a CAT8 cable to the connection on the M3.

While when I switch filters between Minimal and Linear - I hear a difference in presentation ( as I mostly listen to Jazz, I have found I like the minimal much more).

Switching between PCM and DSD does not seem to make any change at all.  No momentary lapse when making this change ( I have the remote) leads me to ask, "is it working"?

I have a lot of DSD64 files, as well as every flavor of PCM from 192/24 down to 16/44 

I have tried switching these "on the fly" with both types of files but cannot hear any difference at all...  Is there something I am doing incorrectly?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


I have a VAC Signature Mk2 SE Preamp, PassLabs X250.8 and B&W 803D4’s for 2 Channel Music with a Rythemik EHP15HP2 Sub.  I am also considering to add a EtherRegen 

Same system for HT- I have a Marantz SR8015 which serves as PrePro  and a PassLabs X5 driving the center B&W HTM82D4,  my old N805s for Surround and CDM5’s as Rear Surround and a Rythemik E15HP2 sub (connected to the Marantz for LFE in theater and Using stereo Line out XLRs from the VAC for music)




fuzztone-  as with all Audio Equipment one wants to understand how to properly set it up to make sure they are getting the best  SQ out of it.  Not sure your comment " you worry too much" is appropriate here.  Why wouldn't I try to make sure they are properly setting up and using their equipment? Isn't that the main goal of forums like this?  As I did some research before buying the M3, and see much posted about the 2 different chips used to D/A the music, I would think one would be able to hear some difference... I cannot.  I am enjoying the M3 very much, both with my Digital Library and Streaming Qobuz thru Roon


erik_squires I have a Fiber Connection coming directly into our house. No one else is on our Wifi, as I can see thru our Orbi Software what is connected. 


I have two copies of my music library on an Aurender N200. One copy is PCM 96/24 and the other copy is DSD 128. I have two DACS Bricasti M21 and Lampizator Baltic 3. When performing blind testing between DSD and PCM tracks I can not hear a difference. Your observations match mine.

Slightly off topic but I’ve found a home run connection to a network switch much more reliable than connecting my Lumin to the WiFi extender. For some reason, I was encountering a buffer issue. I’m currently using an EERO pro mesh router with each extender hard wired to the switch. I don’t have fiber but luckily I had cat5e running to every room in our home. I was able to add an additional run for streaming music. Obviously, I’m limited to 1G. I strongly considered the M3 but went with the Lumn U2 mini. Like the Baltic mentioned in the thread. I have the Lampizator Amber 3.