Help with Cartridge Alignment

While I think I am reasonably close aligning my cartridge properly (Lyra Kleos) I am wondering if anyone out there in analog land has used a Fozgometer and what their experience with it has been. Better yet, are any owners willing to rent one. It seems silly to buy one when one only changes carts every 7 or 8 years. Thanks to all who respond.
A digital tracking force gauge is a must!!!!!! At least start with that, you'll be glad you did.
The Fozgometer does what it says, it enables you to match crosstalk levels. But does that always occur where the sound is best? Our ears are most sensitive to phase error between the channels, usually measured at 1 kHz. When it is zero there can be very large differences, especially with line contact styli and those approaching such a profile.

Several months ago I visited someone who had dialed in his rig (a nice one, with a TriPlanar arm) using a Fozgometer. Not assuming the azimuth to be optimized, I used the Feickert software and adjusted the azimuth slightly, reducing phase error. This resulted in significantly smoother treble, wider and deeper soundstage, better imaging, and a dramatic increase in venue information (he has Sound Lab speakers, which are remarkably phase coherent and readily show subtle improvements). He was ecstatic. The phase response and crosstalk curves, annotated but otherwise unretouched, can be seen here.

There are several ways to set azimuth, some more time consuming, some easier to use, some more accurate. By all means do it or have someone do it for you because the rewards are worth it.

Points all well taken. I have an original Panasonic electronic stylus force guage.

I guess a Foz and USB magnifier are on the birthday list.