Help with connections with my new audio/home theater setup


I am new to this forum and appreciate your kind advice. I have the following setup that I need to connect/add to:

Yamaha Aventage RX A880

SVS SB-1000 subwoofer

SVS Prime satellite speakers

SVS Prime center speaker

I just purchased the Focal Theva N0 3-D floor speakers to be able to use Dolby Atmos without ceiling speakers (condo). The speakers have 2 sets of connections.

I have acquired a Yamaha CA-2010 that I wanted to use to drive the front speakers and be able to utilize the great phono section on the amp.

Yamaha CD S-303

Denon CR585 cassette deck

room is carpeted with Salamander Designs Archetype racks.

Samsung 65" OLED TV

Panasonic UB 820 4K player

Yamaha CT-810 tuner

My question is how to connect the amp, the receiver, and the speakers to get the Dolby Atmos plus the 2 Focals driven by the amp. After that, my hope was to get the turntable connected so I could use the CA-2010 for 2 channel music. I am stopped dead in my tracks until I can get it configured and tested. Thanks again for reading.



The top set of terminals go to the Atmos amp. The bottom terminals feed the front drivers and go to the 2 channel amp.

Take the front L/R preouts from the AVR into the Aux input on the amp.  When you set the channel balance for HT choose the Aux input on the amp and choose a reference volume level on it that’s easily repeatable (I used the 12:00 position) and set channel levels as usual.  Plug your 2-channel sources into the amp and hook it up to your speakers and you’re good to go.  When you want HT select Aux on the amp and set it to your reference volume point and the AVR controls everything as normal — just remember to turn the volume back down on the amp when switching to 2-channel to avoid a sound bast, or you could choose a lower reference volume level initially during channel balancing instead of 12:00 that would avoid this problem.  Alternatively you may be able to use the amp’s tape monitor input instead of Aux that may take the amp’s volume control out of the picture, but I’ve never done that so can’t go into detail how/if that works.  Hope this helps. 

thank you so much for the info. I appreciate it. I will let you know how this comes out. many of the challenges are because of not having all of the correct length cables, so I am going slower as I set this up. thanks again.